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MindSkiller® Celebrates Official Launch

MindSkiller® is excited to announce its official public debut. On the evening of September 12, 2023, the MindSkiller® team hosted a launch event at the Sydney Theatre Company, marking the culmination of four years of relentless dedication, research, and collaboration. The evening was filled with drinks, canapés, and networking, uniting a diverse audience of healthcare professionals and potential users eager to learn about the MindSkiller® platform.

Dr Galambos presents on mental health at the MindSkiller Launch Event

Guests had the opportunity to hear from MindSkiller's CEO and founder, Dr. Gary Galambos. During his address, Dr. Galambos shared the story behind MindSkiller®, highlighting Uspace at St. Vincent's Private Hospital as an important strategic partner. His work with young adults significantly influenced the platform's creation. Dr Galambos found that this demographic was eager to learn more about mental health; however, there was a shortage of trustworthy and informative resources to assist them. MindSkiller® has proven to be a valuable tool for inpatients at Uspace, with staff using the platform since its initial launch at St. Vincents Private Hospital in July 2023.

Dr Galambos went on to explain the eLEARNING, CONNECT, and PLUS services that set MindSkiller® apart as a first-of-its-kind platform. By describing how MindSkiller® connects help-seekers to help-providers in real-time while offering access to innovative interventions like Virtual Reality (VR) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Dr Galambos provided insight into the upcoming innovations set to revolutionise mental health in Australia.The presentation also showed how MindSkiller® holds value for users of all backgrounds and needs. Friends and family can enhance their mental health literacy through MindSkiller® eLEARNING, making them feel confident while supporting a loved one in need. Meanwhile, healthcare organisations and professionals can use MindSkiller® to streamline clinical practice and educate staff and patients through transdiagnostic or diagnosis-specific modules. Even non-healthcare organisations can benefit from MindSkiller® as a risk management tool by onboarding staff and monitoring their progress through the eLEARNING modules

The MindSkiller Team
The MindSkiller® Team


As MindSkiller® enters the market, it offers ten transdiagnostic and eight diagnosis units. These modules cover a range of mental health diagnoses, from Mixed Anxiety-Depression and OCD to ADHD and PTSD. While there are over 50 units in development, the available modules will be a helpful starting point for most users.

To show appreciation to event attendees, MindSkiller® is extending a special offer: a complimentary business subscription upon registration. This subscription allows clinicians and mental health professionals to onboard staff, colleagues and patients to access all available eLEARNING units. Furthermore, it provides them with an opportunity to list their practice on the MindSkiller® PLUS directory.

Sign up here and join the ranks of the attendees who are already reaping the rewards of MindSkiller®.

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