Want to Help Yourself?
MindSkiller® can help you do that!

Dive into eLEARNING for education and training to enhance your mental health literacy.

Work through the eLEARNING Units from beginning to end...or in any order you wish.

Complete the Knowledge Checks to assess your understanding.

Help-Seek along the way, should you wish to, using these additional services:

  • CONNECT to access Mentors, Clinicians and Coaches
  • PLUS to access innovative digital tools
Help Seekers

How MindSkiller® works

Online access to engaging, interactive and intuitive visual learning with practical coping strategies

Instant access to Help-Providers for support with the eLEARNING content and to gain a deeper understanding of the types of help available 

Clinicians, Mentors and Coaches can provide brief online 

Digital mental health service providers can introduce 
their innovative tools, interventions and treatments


MindSkiller ® Accreditation
for Self-Help and Help-Seekers


Attain up to 3 MindSkiller Certificates whether you are here to:

  • Self-Help and would like personal recognition that you have advanced your knowledge
  • become a Mentor and provide peer support for others, as well as helping yourself
  • use your existing Help-Provider skills to help others as a Clinician or Coach, or for your own professional development

If you are a Help-Seeker using CONNECT you will be able to view any MindSkiller Certificates that an online Help-Provider has attained

Certificate 1 in Mental Health Literacy
 Complete all eLEARNING subunits in Unit 1 and associated
Knowledge Checks

Certificate 2 in Mental Health Literacy
Complete all eLEARNING subunits in Unit 2 and associated
Knowledge Checks
Certificate 3 in Mental Health Literacy
Complete all eLEARNING Subunits in Unit 3 and associated
Knowledge Checks and one associated Diagnosis Subunit

Case Study

John had previously been diagnosed with major depressive disorder. He had some face-to-face consultations with a general practitioner and a psychologist, but was concerned that he was still often low in mood, underperforming in his studies and withdrawn from social situations. He came across MindSkiller(R) eLEARNING and decided to use it to educate himself about mental health. He was interested to know more about his diagnosis and how to deal with it. He registered with MindSkiller and worked through several eLEARNING units.

He gained more understanding about his disorder and realised that he had several more issues, which were probably preventing his full recovery from the original disorder. John learnt he also had social anxiety disorder, which had most likely been fuelling his mood disorder. He started to apply what he learnt from the units, felt more empowered and better about himself. 

John also decided to reach out to an online clinician using MindSkiller CONNECT. He sought more understanding about specific content in the units and how to address his extra issue. John discussed what he had learnt with his general practitioner, who referred him to a clinician for face-to-face consultations. At the same time, John sought online support from Mentors and Coaches using MindSkiller CONNECT, whilst working through another eLEARNING unit about the extra issue.  

After achieving a good level of recovery, John was inspired to help others who were helping themselves using MindSkiller eLEARNING. So he completed the 3 subunits of Unit 1 (including the 3 Knowledge Checks) to obtain a Certificate 1 in Mental Health Literacy. This allowed him to become a MindSkiller accredited Mentor and use CONNECT to support others who were working through their chosen eLEARNING units. This gave him an opportunity to practice his improved coping skills when interacting with people. Finding that he had developed more resilience and mental fitness, he was ready to take on more challenges in his life, both socially and professionally.