How does MindSkiller® PLUS work?

What is MindSkiller® PLUS?

It’s about giving Help-Seekers access to online tools and interventions that have impressed us. That’s because they are products and services
that are innovative, fill gaps and align with our mission and values.

They must be high quality, practical and effective. In order to do that, they need to be experienced by the user as useful, interesting and engaging. In short, we are interested in services that adopt the same learning principles that have guided our program.


How Mind Skiller® PLUS
works for Help-Seekers

PLUS will generate a list of digital Mental Health Services that match the preferences and interests of MindSkiller® users as they journey through eLEARNING. 

A list of Management Links will be automatically generated at the end of a user’s journey through any Diagnosis Subunit. Alternatively, a user can search the MindSkiller® Plus directory of mental health tools, interventions and information anytime by clicking on these buttons.


How MindSkiller® PLUS
works for Help-Providers

To be listed on the MindSkiller® PLUS database of innovative digital Mental Health Services, the service needs to apply for accreditation and go through a process of evaluation by the MindSkiller® Help-Provider Advisory Committee.

If approved, the digital Mental Health Service provider will be able to:

  • Join an aspiring mental health community
  • Provide information to users about their interventions
  • Showcase innovative products and services