Meet the MindSkiller Team

Assoc/Prof Gary Galambos

Founder and CEO

Sushmita Ghosh
Head of eLearning
Instructional designer
Lewis Pullen

Executive Producer



Elizabeth Parker
Manager of Beta Testing
Business Manager
Hanie Oag
Graphic Designer

Dorit Beck
Program Manager
Practice Manager
Training consultant
Program Director


Gen Z Team
Anton Blair Ava Pullen Luca Moses
Mark Kang Samuel Milner Saul Galambos
Debbie Winter
David Zaitschek
Platform Administrator
Business Strategist
Privacy Officer

Rachel Sands
Corporate Mental Health Consultant


Robert Gayst
eLearning Language Editor
English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher
Director of MindSkiller Mental Health Educator
Training Program Philippines

Manager of MindSkiller Volunteer Educator
Training Program
Peter WhiteHead
Intellectual Property Solicitor
Hazan Hollander

Luca Moses
AI Developer


USPACE Consumers
10 years of consumer collaboration

Edward Angyalosy
Continuum Accounting

Annabel Bendavid
Government and International
Relations Honours

Government Policy and Public
Awareness Social Media Marketing


Vashti McKendry
Digital Marketing, Copywriting
and Website development
Dr Mikaela Tracy
Clinical Psychology Registrar PhD
Research Coordinator