How does MindSkiller® eLEARNING work?

It’s about enhancing your Mental Health Literacy with innovative, engaging and intuitive specialist-grade mental health education. It uses visual analogies, jargon-free language and role play to simplify challenging mental health concepts and terminology. Discover a user-friendly mental health categorisation system that makes sense of evidence-based models, methods and clinical experience. Be prepared for a unique, entertaining and enlightening Self-Help journey.


How MindSkiller® eLEARNING
works for Self-Help

The MindSkiller® eLEARNING Ship provides you with access to this educational all-in-one place! It’s an access point to general areas of interest represented by the portholes ‘below deck’ and over 40 specific mental disorders represented by the stripes on the sails ‘above deck’. As you progress through the content, you will be learning the basic principles of mental health and the features, causes and management of mental disorders. You will be building-up your understanding of Recovery, Resilience and Mental Fitness.


How MindSkiller® eLEARNING
works for Help-Seekers and Help-Providers

The eLEARNING program is designed for healthcare consumers and Help-Providers alike. Clinicians, Mentors and Coaches can use the virtual hospital-quality platform to not only provide support to users, but to also upgrade their own skills. Digital mental health service providers can introduce users to their tools, interventions and treatments. So, whilst working through eLEARNING, don’t hesitate to Help-Seek and utilise MindSkiller® CONNECT and MindSkiller® PLUS!