Welcome to the MindSkiller® eLearning Ship

Welcome to the MindSkiller® 
eLearning Ship

Ahoy, Captain! Here, you can access all my eLEARNING Units in the one place. 

I like to run a tight ship!

Spread across the three sails are more than 40 DIAGNOSTIC STRIPES that you can individually explore in detail.
Each stripe represents a specific mental disorder.

Below deck in the hull are SIX PORTHOLES and their sublevels that you can individually explore in detail.
Each porthole represents a specific area of interest about mental health and the ways of classifying mental disorders.



Meet the Crew
These are the CREW who guide you along your journey.
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Mental Health Education

These SIX RECTANGULAR PORTHOLES are found at the top of my eLEARNING ship’s hull.
They represent eLEARNING Units about Mental Health. They address general areas of interest that build-up your understanding of Recovery, Resilience and Mental Fitness. Being general or trans-diagnostic means they will improve your mental health literacy whether you have a diagnosis or not.
Classification of mental health disorders
Each represents an eLEARNING Subunit focusing on a specific mental health area of interest, classification or category of mental disorder.
Mood, Anxiety, Personality, Psychotic, Substance Use and Eating Disorders
These SIX BANNERS identify the six categories of mental disorder:
Mood, Anxiety, Personality, Psychotic, Substance Use and Eating Disorders
Coping Skills for Mental Health Diagnoses
These THREE CROWS NESTS positioned above each sail identify the three root causes of mental disorders:
Poor Coping and navigation skills
Body: Social and physical distress
Brain: Malfunctions, injuries and glitches
Learn about depression, anxiety, personality disorders
These THREE SAILS display more than 40 DIAGNOSTIC STRIPES:
Each stripe represents the nickname of a specific disorder. It’s found opposite the banner displaying its category of disorder and on the sail where it stems from - Mind, Body or Brain.