Welcome to your enhanced
Mental Health Journey

Greetings, I’m Dr Egg! 

Everyone deserves specialist-grade knowledge, skills and strategies to optimize their mental health. That’s what inspired me to develop MindSkiller®. 

This suite of online services comprises of eLEARNING, CONNECT and PLUS. They enhance Mental Fitness, Resilience and Recovery.

MindSkiller® complements any primary or specialist healthcare you may already be receiving or providing. In fact, it's for 'anyone' — to help yourself or help others.

 Real-time feedback from patients and clinicians over many years guided the development of these services.

MindSkiller® provides education, training and
guidance to enhance mental health literacy.


Who is MindSkiller® for?

If you are looking for Self-Help to enhance your 
mental health literacy, eLEARNING will serve your needs
If you are looking to Help-Seek for that extra support 
and guidance, CONNECT and PLUS will add value 
to your journey
If you are a Help-Provider or simply want to help others extend their knowledge and skills beyond eLEARNING, you can register to use either 
  • CONNECT if you are a Clinician, Mentor or Coach to support Help-Seekers
  • PLUS if you are a digital mental health service to introduce an innovative intervention to Help-Seekers
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How MindSkiller® works

Online access to engaging, interactive and intuitive visual learning with practical coping strategies for users wanting to  Self-Help

Help-Seekers can get instant access to Help-Providers for support with eLEARNING and gain a deeper understanding of the types of help available 

Clinicians, Mentors and Coaches can make use of  specialist-grade content to enhance their skills and use the digital platform to provide brief online support to Help-Seekers

Digital mental health service providers can join an aspiring community and introduce their innovative tools, interventions and treatments to Help-Seekers


Benefits of MindSkiller®

Recovery, Resilience, Mental Fitness

Education and Training that covers all stages of mental health

Empower users to learn how to deal with mental disorders and become more capable of coordinating their own care

Empower users to become more skillful at coping with stressful events and less susceptible to developing a mental disorder

Mental Fitness
Empower users to achieve and sustain peak performance - the mental health equivalent of an elite athlete! 

MindSkiller® Accreditation


Attain up to 3 MindSkiller® Certificates whether you are here to:

  • Self-Help and would like personal recognition that you have advanced your knowledge.
  • Become a Mentor and provide peer support for others, as well as helping yourself.
  • Use your existing Help-Provider skills to help others as a Clinician or Coach, or for your own professional development. 

If you are an existing Board-certified Clinician you don’t need MindSkiller® accreditation to get going and start helping others! Simply Register as a certified Clinician to be available as an online Help-Provider with CONNECT.

Certificate 1 in Mental Health Literacy
 Complete all eLEARNING subunits in Unit 1 and associated
Knowledge Checks

Certificate 2 in Mental Health Literacy
Complete all eLEARNING subunits in Unit 2 and associated
Knowledge Checks
Certificate 3 in Mental Health Literacy
Complete all eLEARNING Subunits in Unit 3 and associated
Knowledge Checks and one associated Diagnosis Subunit