Welcome to your enhanced
Mental Health Journey

MindSkiller creates an ecosystem that allows all help-seekers, help-providers and healthcare organisations to be connected when treating a patient. It can also help any organisation minimise psychosocial hazards for their staff to prevent mental ill-health.

MindSkiller can connect in-person mental health services and interventions - like inpatient care, outpatient care, MRI-guided TMS, VR exposure therapy and mindfulness-based VR - with digital mental health tools - like online education, AI-guided psychometric tools and digital exposure therapy.

Recovery, Resilience, Mental Fitness

Most importantly, MindSkiller provides mental health literacy resources for help-seekers and their families, so they can better navigate access to care.

Why MindSkiller

MindSkiller was developed by psychiatrist A/Professor Gary Galambos to fill gaps in existing health services, streamline mental health care and enable help-seekers to take control over their mental health. MindSkiller’s services have been developed in line with contemporary specialist healthcare values, models and research and tested with hundreds of patients in clinical practice.

Recovery, Resilience, Mental Fitness